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The pen-sleeve®; is a new pen holder that can be adhered to almost any surface. Now you can put a pen anywhere! Whether on a book, day planner, or in your car the pen-sleeve® will give you that pen-holder where you always dreamed it should be. Don't be caught without a pen again, try a pen-sleeve® today!

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Need a custom order? Have a business and want a new innovative promotional item? Need pen-sleeve's with your business name on them? Please click the button below and fill out the custom order form. After your submission is processed, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

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1-pack black
Black 1-pack w/pen: $1.19
Red 1-pack w/pen: $1.19
White 1-pack w/pen: $1.19
3-pack w/pens: $2.99
Included colors: white, black, and red.

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Easy to use

Position it! Peel it! Stick it!

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Position pen-sleeve on a clean dry surface.
instruction images
instruction images
Peel protective layer from pen-sleeve to expose adhesive.
instruction images
instruction images
Stick pen-sleeve onto surface and apply pressure to assure a firm bond.